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Barbara Arrindell & Associates offers training programs, workshops, and classes designed to improve the level of service that businesses large and small can provide. Topics covered include Customer Service Training, Team Building, Supervisory Training, Communication, Public Speaking, and much more. We can design training packages to meet your needs and your budget. Workshops can even be conducted at your location at times that cause minimal interruption to the work day.

Customer Service

• Understanding your job:
- What does my job entail?
- How does technology impact my job?

• Understanding Yourself:
- What are some of the character/personality traits that I possess that may help me to accomplish the organization's goals?

• Understanding the customer:
- Who are my customers?
- Can I treat all customers in the same manner?

• Relationship Marketing:
- Is the customer always right?
- Managing awkward situations.


• What is communication?

• Are there different types of communication?

• How does communication work in your establishment?

• Is communication apprehension real?

• Communicating with supervisors compared to communicating with colleagues.

• How can a communication culture be established?


Supervisors and Team Leaders should become the essential link that holds your organisation together but they can also cause it to fall apart.
During this session supervisors or people whom you wish to prepare for that responsibility will learn how to:

• bring out the best in challenging work associates.

• conduct effective meetings.

• inspire employees.

• conduct performance appraisals.
• prepare simple, succinct reports for upper management.

Other Popular workshops

• Team building

• Individual speech writing, coaching and mentoring

• Getting to know Antigua (designed specifically for people who interact with our many visitors, but can form part of a team building exercise)

• One on one or small group tutoring for adult students who are taking business courses via distance learning.


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