April: Three Upcoming classes

April classes
*NEW We are pleased to announce that a new introductory course on written communication – Writing is Your Business l – will be offered on Tuesday 19th April 2016 by our associate, freelance writer and editor Joanne C. Hillhouse (http://jhohadli.wordpress.com). She has produced and/or edited internal and external content for a range of clientele and can help participants become more comfortable with the written word. Her course is targeted at any professional seeking increased confidence and skill using the written word (from organizing your ideas to writing and editing business documents).

A Public Speaking Basic Level 1 course will begin on Thursday 21st April 2016.
Having completed this course participants should know how to control their public speaking anxiety.
They should be a better listener. They should be able to conduct an interview for the sake of making an informative speech. They should be able to deliver a 5-7 minute presentation without the use of a full length script. They should also be able to speak confidently for 60 seconds on a topic not previously assigned. i.e.: Introduce someone at a gathering / Offer a short prayer or express words of appreciation on behalf of a group.

*NEW Public Speaking Basic Level 2 begins on Tuesday 19th April 2016. This will be for students who have already attended “Basic Level 1”. The focus will be on the art of Persuasive Speaking. Although completing Level 1 is generally a pre-requisite, people who are already confident or experienced speakers will be accepted. These will typically include people involved in sales and marketing, preachers, management level associate, inspirational speakers and politicians.

The classes run for four weeks (one day per week) and tend to be held from 5:45 – 7:45 in the evenings at the Best of Books on St. Mary’s Street.

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