An informative speech written by public speaking student Rashid Skepple. The person interviewed was Pastor Ludwig Philip


Good evening. Tonight, I would like to speak with you about Pastor Ludwig Philip.
Have you ever wondered how people become pastors? Pastoring is not merely a profession. A pastor is a worker of God, and therefore, must be called by God.
Pastor Ludwig Philip of Urlings was born on September 25 1940 in Seaview Farm Village. He was married to the late Elaine Skepple-Philip, who passed away in February 2012. They were married for forty-nine years. She was the love of his life. He recalls that he was interested in another young lady, but every time he prayed to God for a wife, her image came up in his mind. He eventually started dating her, and they were married in 1962. He never regretted a day of his marriage. He says that she was the best wife ever.
Pastor Philip and his wife have one son. They have adopted several children. He indicates that his adopted children are just as dedicated and loving as biological children. Currently, he is being taken care of by his adopted daughter, Kimesha.
Ludwig Philip migrated to England in July 1961. He was 20 years of age. He worked as a carpenter while in Antigua but when he first migrated to England, he worked at a dairy. During the time spent there, he recalls that the conversations at the dairy were very colorful, and he enjoyed them immensely. After he became saved however, he lost interest in using indecent language and began singing hymns and choruses he had learned in Antigua while attending open air services. After he was let go from the dairy for not being available to work on Sundays, he got a job as a carpenter. Once involved in carpentry again, he aspired to be a contractor and went to night school to pursue his dream.
In 1961, a friend of his invited him to an Old Year’s Night service. He was reluctant to go at first, but went after some convincing. He was very upset when he found out that the service was being held in somebody’s Front Room instead of a church, and he regretted going. But, that was the night, he was saved and his life changed forever. That night, the calling on his life as a pastor began.
He became a member of the Leicester Wesleyan Holiness Church and served as a youth leader, a Sunday school superintendent, and a lay leader. Everybody could tell that he loved church work by the amount of time he spent volunteering, and how well he did it. The church found that he had an open ended calling for the ministry. He abandoned his dreams of becoming a contractor and took up God’s work.
Ludwig Philip began pastoring as a lay leader, at the Leicester Wesleyan Holiness Church and went to the Nazarene College, where he received a diploma. He would go to college during the week, and then travel back to the Leicester Church on the weekends to preach.
Later he and his wife returned to Antigua. He was assigned to pastor at the Urlings Wesleyan Holiness Church. He also pastored at Bolans, Grays Farm, and Cedar Grove Wesleyan Holiness churches.
As a pastor, he enjoyed conducting the open air services, where he was able to evangelize to the public out of doors. During open air services, he would place two huge speakers on the roof of his car so that the congregation could hear him while he was preaching.
Pastor Philip retired at age 63. He is now 75 years old, and will celebrate his 76th birthday in September. He currently conducts bible study sessions over the phone every day. He prays for people all the time, and calls his friends and family members to pray with them. He believes that hell is a real and bad place, and does not want any of his friends or family to go there, so he constantly prays for people to be saved.
Pastor Ludwig Philip of Urlings is convinced that he has had the opportunity to evangelize to more people since he has retired than he did while he was an active pastor. His mission, his purpose in life continues for as long as he has life and strength.

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